Mad About Milwaukee: Sweet Diner has the BEST breakfast tacos!

I'm a basic chick .... I look forward to fall (counting down the days now .... sorry I'm not sorry), I love everything pumpkin, and brunch is my favorite time of the day.

When I first came to visit Milwaukee before moving here full time, I went to Sweet Diner for brunch. It has quickly turned into on of our favorite places to eat in the area, and we went there twice last weekend alone ... that's how much we love it there.

My husband always gets a Bloody Mary, and I enjoy their Mimosas. The only thing I wish they had were other flavor options for their mimosas... they do have Raspberry, but I don't get down with that fruit.

The hubs is a pretty simple guy, and gets the Veg Head (Skillet Bowl) whenever he goes (minus the potatoes, and add avocado). He likes to keep it healthy, while I peer pressure him to split a Belgium Waffle with me (He has a gluten allergy, so we get the GF one ... they have lots of GF options at Sweet Diner). 

This is that delicious gluten free waffle we split.... you can't even tell that it's GF too!

One of the days we went, I got the Southern Eggs Benedict. In the past, I've ordered the Classic with Hollandaise sauce, but to be honest.... and don't be mad at me, Sweet D.... I didn't love their sauce. BUT, this sausage gravy was out of this world with this Benedict, and the chive biscuits are freaking fantastic.

And now... I have saved the best for last. Holy flipping jkhdsjkfhasha THESE TACOS ARE SO GOOD!

These are the Fiesta Chorizo & Scramble Egg Tacos, minus the cilantro and pico on the side (plus avocado because as stated in the first line of this blog... I am basic AF as the kids would say). This is now my go to when visiting Sweet Diner.

What's your favorite local place to brunch at? Let me know so I can check it out and eat my face off!!!

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