Don't be that guy by giving this speech at a wedding

Usually when speech time starts at weddings, we all make sure our cocktails are filled to the brim (or maybe even double fisting) and that there's plenty of bread to go around ... because it takes what feels like an entire season of "Game of Thrones" to get it over with.

The best speech I've ever witnessed as a guest at a wedding was at my friend Nicole's. Her husband Scott's best man, his brother TJ (who he is actually very close with) gave a heart warming one that involved my friend's late brother, and then he passed the mic on to his father, and then to Nicole's father. It was extremely personal, and parts were very entertaining. If you're going to do a speech at a wedding, that is the way to do it!

This video shows all of the different speeches we've ALL unfortunately heard at weddings. Put your earbuds in though if you're at he office, because it's NSFW for sure.... but still hilariously accurate.



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