Up & comer Riley Green has an odd celebrity crush (INTERVIEW)

Last night, my boss Kerry and I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with Riley Green at Cafe Centraal in Bay View.... thank you to the staff btw for being so accommodating!

After we inhaled our delicious food (I got this burger with avocado on it... so flipping good!), Riley performed a couple of songs for us... including his single, "There Was This Girl", which I love! Remember Chris Cagel's "The Chicks Dig It"? It kinda reminds me of that, and it's super catchy!

I enjoyed my time with Riley so much that I asked his wonderful rep, Lauren, if she would mind driving him over to our station this morning so I could grab a quick interview with him.

We talked about his hometown in Alabama, how he became so well known so quickly thanks to social media, and who his celebrity crush is (it's an odd pick... but girlfriend still looks great so I'm not hating on it!).

Enjoy our chat below, and grab your tickets to see him at The Rave on September 6th too!

Anddddd here's the whole song.... his single, "There Was This Girl"!

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