Women's products actually DO cost more than men's!

Nothing is more frustrating to me than going down the razor aisle, and seeing the women's pink & pretty razors costing more than almost the exact same ones they're making for men. That's why, if we can get a little personal for a sec, I USE MEN'S RAZORS! I feel like they work better too ... and it's saving me money!

I saw this video from Dear Alyne on Facebook, and it breaks it all down for you into percentages.... from razors, to shaving cream, to even tampons (aka a "luxury item"). Oh, and you're good old Midol that you take for when Aunt Flo visits? Yup, that's costing you more than other pain medications WITH THE EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS!!!! 

Ladies, check it out for yourselves below... and try not to get too heated at the office while watching!



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