Save 30-50% on Produce!!

19 million pounds of food will be SAVED.

$6.5 million will be saved on groceries.

772 million gallons of water will be SAVED.

I have to admit I (Shannen) am the type of person who judges my fruit. I have to pick everything up, feel around for any bruises or look for discoloring, and if there's even the slightest bit, I throw it back in the pile at the grocery store, or I'll throw it out at home. I know that I'm wasting so much based on someone like Scott who doesn't mind a few battle wounds on his produce.

Ridder talked about Imperfect Produce on "The Good Stuff" today, which is coming to Milwaukee. Essentially, if you're willing to have produce that isn't "store-pretty," and the farmers end up having to keep it, you could save 30-50% on your grocery bill - and it's home-delivered!!

Click here to learn more about the program.

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