Nero from the Wisconsin Humane Society Needs Your Lovin'!

Nero is a 13-month-old cat at the Wisconsin Humane Society, and he's the cuddliest (is that a word?) male cat I've ever seen!

When I got there today, Molly told me immediately how this little fuzzball is her favorite cat we've showcased so far.... and it looks like he feels the same way about her!

If you already have a cat, then Nero may not be the kitty for you. He has feline leukemia, and he can only live with other cats who also have the same illness, or he has to be the only cat in the household.

Check out Nero now if you're not exactly a cat person ... because he'll make you one real quick!

And here's some other great kitties and pups looking for their furever homes right now!

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