Old Dominion's video for "Hotel Key" has a great twist

My obsession with Old Dominion started when I saw them open up for Kenny Chesney at Miller Park. 

Did I like them before that show? Yes. But there was just something about seeing them live that really made me become a true fan. They've got that rock star quality that you don't always see in artists, and let's be honest... Matthew Ramsey, their lead singer, ain't bad to look at either!

"Hotel Key" is my FAVORITE song that we are playing right now, and I finally watched the video for it yesterday. Listening to the song, it makes you think that this woman is just trying to remember an awesome night she had with a guy, and that she's holding on to the key to essentially hold on to the memory. However, this video gives it a little twist that I absolutely love! (I also cracked up over Ramsey playing the semi creepy hotel manager)

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