Backstreet Boys and Jimmy Fallon perform "I Want It That Way"

Before they had their mini comeback with Florida Georgia Line, and before they got their Vegas residency, the Backstreet Boys gifted us one of the best sing along songs of all time ... "I Want It That Way".

I remember back in the day requesting this every. single. day. on TRL because I was bound and determined to be the future Mrs. AJ McLean. Yes, I love Justin Timberlake now ... but back then, JT & N Sync were nothing to me compared to BSB.

My heart was so happy when I got to meet Old Dominion at Miller Park when they opened for Kenny, and the first thing I said to Matthew Ramsey (lead singer), was, "HAS ANYONE EVER TOLD YOU THAT YOU LOOK LIKE AJ FROM THE BACKSTREET BOYS?!" He was nice enough to give me a half smile, but I'm not sure if he felt like I was making fun of him, or giving him the compliment of a lifetime (it was the latter of the 2). 


Ok... anyway...

Jimmy Fallon brought the guys on his show last night to perform "I Want It That Way", and they only used classroom musical instruments. 

When they all start singing together near the end at the top of their lungs, it gave me all the 90 feels.

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