Ridder's Weekend in 5 Pics: Boats, Brews, and Futbol

Weather finally turned around and we as Milwaukeeans finally got to enjoy our patios and fave outdoor activities.  Bradford beach was packed all weekend long including for Hannah's broadcast from our Beach House Sunday where they had a big beach soccer tournament going on.

Saturday morning I got up early to go help a friend get an old motor put back together and running.  I love old motors. Something about a machine that you can work on and isn't 80% electronics. 

Speaking of soccer or futbol I spent a good portion of my weekend watching World Cup matches including my team Germany against Sweeden which may have had the most incredible ending I've ever seen.  

I had a few friends text me right as the game concluded and this pic was all I sent them...

Watch the video below to see the big goal that won it for my German team.

The celebrations continued Saturday evening when my wife and I hit up the Paddle Tavern to celebrate one of her best friends birthday!

If you haven't taken a ride on the Paddle Tavern you outta check them out.  It's a cool thing.  They pick you up and drop you off at Harp, you bring your own beverages and snacks.  The Captain Tim and the staff are awesome, and if you're worried about paddling to power the boat... there's a motor.  You're ok to sit back and let others do all the work, or let the motor do it all. 

Great views of the city, the Summerfest grounds and the Hoan bridge.

Speaking of the Hoan bridge... Are you going to "Light the Hoan"?

Finally wrapped up my weekend wife and I headed to Saz's for a lil bite and hopped the shuttle to the Brewers game.  Love the shuttles here in Milwaukee.  It's so much easier than dealing with the traffic and paying $20 to park. 

Brewers lost, that part sucked, but I felt like a winner getting to spend an afternoon in the ballpark with my wife.

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