Fortnite Dance Challenge

posted by Ridder, Scott & Shannen -

It all came about last night when I was at volleyball and every single one of my team members was trying to "floss." No, nothing with teeth - the dance. Or as others know it: "The Backpack Kid Dance" from a Katy Perry performance.

We all got to talking about how kids [cue the "back in my day"] in today's world are learning all these dances from video games. Fortnite, specifically, I feel like is the most popular. Well, there's this thing going around called the "Fortnite Dance Challenge," and I canNOT stop watching. Some of these things are ridiculous, and some of these dances make me realize how cool kids are today and how lame I was back in middle/high school...

So, I think I'm going to challenge Ridder and Scott to one of these bad boys next week...



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