Ridder's Weekend in 5 Pics: Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend is something different to everyone.  Like a lot of dad's I hit up the ball park for the game Saturday night to see a 4-1 Brewers loss.  But one of the more funny things I saw over the weekend was the "free sunscreen stations" outside Miller Park.  Ok they weren't really that but since you can't bring spray cans into the ball park many people were just leaving them on top the garbage cans.  

Best part was seeing people walk up and use them.  It's was like the ol' take a penny leave a penny.

No weekend is complete without a walk down to visit the crew at Cranky Al's to grab a nitro cold brew and doughnut with my wife and little man. I did learn though he's getting too big to be carried on my front.

Also nitro cold brew coffee may be my new obsession.  It's like drinking a stout beer and no one can look at you strange for drinking a beer at 8am.

Finished the weekend celebrating the World Cup with some friends at the new Nomad Nacional Fan Zone for the Germany vs Mexico match.  

I absolutely loved what they have done with the space.  Truly celebrating everything World Cup and creating an international feel.  With a HUGE outdoor party area complete with giant screen, food trucks, marketplace and more!

Majority of the fans were rooting for Mexico and it created an amazing feeling.  The Celebrations were huge when Mexico upset Germany.

When outside you didn't feel as though you were in Milwaukee. At one point I thought i was at and outdoor celebration in cancun!

In fact I even lost a bet with my best buddy and had to wear his Mexico Jersey.  To make me feel better he did put on a Germany jersey of his.

Overall a great weekend.  Wrapped up with a huge Caribbean mean my wife cooked up. A weekend of happiness and love all around. 

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