5 Pictures of My 10th Anniversary of Turning 21

Saturday was what I like to call my 10th anniversary of turning 21. Don't do the math, just go with it.

When I woke up that day, the first thing I saw was this bad boy floating in our living room (bonus video). The original "Jurassic Park" came out on my 6th birthday, and I've been a huge fan of dinosaurs ever since. I was the only kid in my 1st grade class who wanted to be a Paleontologist. 

The other thing I woke up to was this DELICIOUS cookie cake that the hubs got me from Insomnia Cookies, which is right down the street from us in Bay View. The cookie itself was fantastic, and the frosting had just enough sweetness. The crumbled Reese's Pieces on top didn't hurt either!

On Saturday night, myself, Jesse, and some of my lady coworker frands went to Third Space. I love their beers, and the outdoor atmosphere is really cool! We decided to bring Malcolm, yes I named him, along with us. Random people would come over to take pictures of him, and my girl Natalie guarded him with her life. They bonded rather quickly.

Yesterday, we decided to hit up the Brewers game. I am very VERY fair skinned, and of course we sat in the very last row of our section that wasn't covered, but we still had a great time! It wasn't the outcome we hoped for (Phillies beat us 10-9), but it was nice to just hang and sweat all of the alcohol out from over the weekend.

Thank you to all of my friends & family for the calls/texts/posts/gifts. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special.

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