#TheGoodStuff: Youth Football Team Lifts Overturned Car to Rescue Couple

Screenshot via YouTube

Do you think you could lift a car?  Hard enough for a world champion weightlifter. Imagine being a teen!  

A youth football team, The Boise Black Knights, were on their way home from a tournament in California when they came across a crash scene on the side of an Oregon highway. The entire team jumped into action when they saw two individuals inside. One member of the team grabbed thier phone and shared a video on social media.  It's posted below and you can see teammates work together to save the couple.

They were able to pull the man free and then rescue the woman stuck inside. The video shows several of the boys raising the vehicle as other team members worked to cut the woman out of her seat belt and pull her from the wreckage. 

There is no official word on the couple's condition at time of publishing, but the actions of this team were nothing short of heroic on all fronts. 

SOURCE: ABC News & Storyful

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