Get Fit and Raise Awareness with Aurora's Mindful Tri

I'll be honest, I didn't know the first thing about cancer other than it's a huge issue up until a few years ago when my brother was diagnosed, followed by a friend, and then a friend's mom. It seemed like all of the sudden, a "plague" hit my personal life, and I couldn't turn my head without someone else ending up in the hospital.

While I'm extremely grateful to say that these people in my life are all survivors, it remained important to me to raise awareness and educate myself on not only the disease (and various forms of it), but the recovery process and life after that.

Cue Aurora Cancer Care - which has had such an amazing group of passionate survivors, supporters and people interested in making a difference for the cause. That's why they're introducing a new way to walk in support of Aurora Cancer Care: Hope. Heal. Feel - A Mindful Tri against Cancer.

Here's the thing: you don't have to be super athletic to participate! You just have to walk with a purpose. The first four weeks of June will consist of eight Mindful Tri walks where the Southeastern Wisconsin community can gather together and support the fight against cancer. Registration is FREE - so why wouldn't you at least try it out? Click here to sign up as an individual or create a team.

This is about celebrating survivors and creating a holistic lifestyle through three "Tri" stations:

  • Phase 1: Stretch with yoga or tai chi
  • Phase 2: Take a mindful and empowering walk
  • Phase 3: Relax with aromatherapy, massage or other mindful techniques

Plus, while you're raising awareness, you can raise funds to help support those affected by Cancer. Plus - education and research can go a long ways, and your efforts will be dedicated to those, as well! Here's where your fundraising money is going:

  • Local cancer research
  • Local clinics
  • Integrative Medicine

Let's get out and walk! Don't miss out on Aurora Cancer Care's new initiative! It might be a fun way for you to get a group of friends together and bond, anyways.

- Shan

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