MKE Brew'd: Pabst Brewing Unveils Anniversary Ale

It's been more than two decades since Pabst Brewing Company closed its Milwaukee operations, ending a 152-year-old relationship with the city that it helped build.

That was until last year when Pabst returned and opened a small brewery in the old church on the former Pabst Brewing complex.  When it opened a year ago it was a small-batch craft brewery, gastropub-style restaurant and outdoor beer garden.  

In recent months the kitchen was removed so they could focus on the beer.  With a new world IPA series coming in year two and a few new specialty beers the time and energy will be needed to be focused on the sudsy beverages.  In the future food trucks could fill the void along with neighboring Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub.

One of the new special beers to be released is a beer to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of brewing in Milwaukee called; "Name Day Chocolate Ale". 

The beer is a chocolate brown ale. Brewed with Ghana cacao nibs in the boil along with some lactose.  Then it's finished with a bit more chocolate.  This beer however is surprisingly light.  Coming in at only 4.5 ABV (alcohol by volume) and a low 169 calories.

The beer is very strong chocolate on the nose and finishes with a residual sweetness.  If you love chocolate cake you will love this beer.  It screams chocolate cake, in a good way.

One of the best things I can say about this beer and mostly the brewers is that they did an amazing job showing great restraint in this beer.  Most brewers would take a chocolate beer and instantly go to a big stout high in alcohol.  Pabst truly created a great drinkable beer with "Name Day Chocolate Ale".

They even created a special crowler wrap for this beer.

The only way to get this beer, like all of the Pabst Brewing's Milwaukee Brewery beers is at the taproom located at 1037 W. Juneau Ave.  Before you speed over to grab some, Name Day Chocolate Ale won't be available until the breweries 1 year anniversary block party on May 19th.

Back when the Pabst Brewery and Taproom opened we were there for the first day and checked in on Facebook:

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