414 Day: Scott's Top 3 Milwaukee Things

May 14th or 4-1-4 Day named for the Milwaukee area code is the day we celebrate all things great about Milwaukee. In the spirit of Milwaukee’s unique history, we celebrate the things that make our city great and to inspire the efforts that will make our city a better place to live, work and call home.

With April 14 falling on a Saturday this year, Milwaukee Day 2018 could be the biggest one yet.

In honor of the day we put together our list of what we love about the 414!

Here's Scott's Top 3. (In no particular order)

Milwaukee is the city of festivals and all of them make this city great.  I attend every day of Summerfest and look forward to Irish fest as well.

To go along with the festivals is great music. Milwaukee has such a eclectic mix of all different genres year round.  Just look at a venue like the Rave where you can have a country show on the main floor, a EDM party in the ballroom and death metal in the basement. 

The neighborhoods.  Milwaukee truly is a city of neighborhood pride and every neighborhood has it's own identity.  

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