Shannen Visits "Toys R Us" to Say Goodbye

Granted, it probably won't be for a while yet, but I had to make it to Toys R Us one last time before the store shut down because let's face it, that was my childhood!! 

I still remember walking into the store when I was three or four years old. My parents told me I could get ANY TOY that I wanted, as long as I gave up my pacifier. With my toy experts by my side (my older brother and sister), I wandered the aisles as my brother, Danny, would suggest a new bike or my sister, Janelle, would talk about the latest Barbie plane or dream house. 

I didn't have to listen to them to know exactly what I wanted: a doodle bear. Four years old with the entire universe at my finger tips, and I chose a bear that you could draw on with washable marker that was probably twenty bucks. I think my parents knew all along that I wouldn't pick something super expensive, and they really just wanted me to get rid of my nuk(er). 

Regardless, I went to Toys R Us a lot in my childhood. So, when Meg from 95.7 BIG FM told me about this "trend" that had started...taking pictures and reliving your glory days in the store...I had to grab Hannah (who you hear on Sundays) and have a little photoshoot.

Here's what came of it: 

(And yes, Meg took all the pictures because she's super talented). 

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