Tyler Hubbard's Wife Faces Backlash After April Fools Pregnancy Test

Hayley Hubbard is Tyler Hubbard's wife (half of Florida Georgia Line). What she thought was going to be an innocent and funny joke to play on her husband took a turn, and fans are not happy about it. Hayley posted a video to Instagram telling Tyler that she was pregnant. At the very end of the video, she said, "April Fools."

Clearly, this is a touchy issue, and fans decided to speak up. Her followers spilled their stories of heartbreak as some women have been trying years to get pregnant and are unable to make it happen. One fan even pointed out that Hayley's friends, Lauren Akins and Brittany Aldean also suffered with this issue for a while.

 Others explained that they were 1 in 4 women who have miscarried. 

How would you respond? Maybe it's a good thing to raise discussion on the topic?

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