Route 91 Survivors Invite Jason Aldean to Finish His Concert

It's tough to remember back to October when Jason Aldean’s set came to a terrifying halt when a gunman opened fire over a crowd of 20,000 at the Route 91 Harvest festival. 

The incident has became the worst mass shooting in modern American history, and now a group of survivors have come together to get Jason back to Las Vegas to continue the concert he was never able to finish. 

Tiffany Thomas created a Facebook group called “58 Angels 1 Last Set” and invited fellow survivors to send in their Route 91 photos in order to assemble a photo book to invite the country singer back to Vegas. “It would just be so bonding and so amazing and so emotional and, I think, so healing,” Thomas says. The organizers of the Facebook group envision the concert would be open to survivors of the shooting, their families as well as the families of the 58 people who died. 

Jason has not officially commented on whether or not he will to return to Las Vegas

In related news, the victims and their family members are set to receive a payout from the Las Vegas Victims' Fundcharity, which totals $31.4 million.

Photo: Getty Images

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