Here's Why Ryan Seacrest Will Make a Great Co-Host for Kelly

Kelly Ripa announced today that she's found her new co-host for Live with Kelly: Ryan Seacrest! I have to admit, I'm pretty ok with this choice, only because I think Ryan Seacrest has a great heart and knows what he's doing. And he's pretty gosh darn good at doing it, too!

If you still need some convincing, here's why we think he'll be a good co-host. For one, he has his hand dipped into great country music. *Bonus points for us!

He knows when change is good, and doesn't mind transforming... haha

We already know he's great on TV from his years on American Idol.

And he's already been on with Kelly. Their chemistry is undeniable.

He's an animal lover.

He's already "Been There, Done That" with GMA, so he won't leave Kelly for a new gig.

He's a normal person that makes mistakes.

Ok, a lot of them...

And we know that he'll fit right in!   

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