Pokemon GO Is Primed For Comeback This Summer

Remember last summer when everywhere you went, massive throngs of people were staring down at their phones on corners or in parks? It looked like a scene from the walking dead as lifeless bodies starred at phones stumbling around.

Pokemon Go topped out at about 45 million active daily users before the decline set in. The lack of features or meaningful gameplay left users wanting for more. And then let's not forget, who wanted to search for a Pikachu in the winter? No one, users droped it..

Now, Pokemon Go seems primed for a comeback.

Here are all the cool things coming to Pokemon Go that’ll probably bring us back and ready to get mugged:

  • Since you last played, there are dozens of new Pokemon to catch and places to visit and it will all be done in decent weather. Searching for Pokemon in the dead of winter just sucked.
  • Player vs. Player and trading are finally coming “soon.” Fighting other trainers and trading your collection with friends are the lifeblood of the Pokemon games, and we all know Pokemon Go is only a fun little distraction until we have the ability to fight and trade with each other. Then things are going to get serious.
  •  a co-op raid feature that may work like gyms, but with multiple trainers working together to take down monsters (h/t Polygon who goes deeper into the raids).
  • Pokemon will have to be fed if they’re holding a gym for a long period of time, or they’ll come home.
  • A greater emphasis on teaming up with others so the game has more of an MMO feel. Meeting up with people to enter a raid together, explore together and train together will actually mean something. Imagine it — corners will be held by street toughs, staring down at their phones 

So when will these new features land on the app officially? 

(Via Uproxx)

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