Man Pulls Off Subway Rescue Just As Train Rolls In #TheGoodStuff

This was a close call when a man stumbled and fell onto the NYC Subway tracks, another man came to the rescue in just in time!

According to ABC station WABC-TV, Jonathan Kulig, an engineer for utility company, was on his way to work and waiting for his train when he heard commotion and soon realized that a man fell onto the subway tracks.

Lucky for the man Kulig was able to carry the man from the middle of the tracks and usher him to safety right as the next train was rollin in!

“The one thing I can completely say that I’m pretty confident about is that if I didn’t pick him up that train would have gotten him,” Kulig said.

He may have been right. An approaching train raced into the station a little more than minute after the rescue.

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