Businesses Can't Say Taco Tuesday Anymore!

Soft tacos, hard tacos, beef, chicken, cheese, el pastor, shrimp, fish, puffy... we all LOVE tacos.

The person that put the word “taco” in front of “Tuesday” is a genius and created one of the best dietary staples ever!

But, don’t plan on using "Taco Tuesday" for a theme for your new taco business, unless you have a boss legal team. 

While we've all heard of Taco Tuesday, most of us aren't aware of who actually OWNS the ‘Taco Tuesday’ copyright. 

And that distinction belongs to Wyoming-based restaurant Taco John’s

And for those of you that have seen Lego Movie, feel free to enjoy this...

But really we can't say "Taco Tuesday"... or really "taco" without thinking about Bel-Air.

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