Dressing Up Your Pets: Yay or Nay? You Tell Us.

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It all started when Shan came across this video. (Don't ask us how...)

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2 vây xinh xinh, cá mập bơi trong bể nước :v Béo thế bảo sao hoàng tử bỏ đi huhu * 2 cutie fins, Ariel in the sea. Too fat so the prince left huhu Credit belong to: ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall พาเที่ยว

Posted by Junie House - Cún Siêu Phàm on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Then we got to thinking...is it acceptable to dress your pets up in costumes? Shan's dad dressed her dog, Bentley, in one of his TShirts whenever the Badgers played a few years ago, and Shan wasn't having it.

It turns out, Ridder and his wife, Sarah, dress up their dogs Penny and Brewski...they even have pajamas!

Even our girl in the afternoons, Quinn, dresses up her cats! BTDubs - cool story about her cat's name (Sharknado): she knew someone who was interning at SyFy while they were making the movie, so she knew about it a year prior to its release. She also says her cat plots her death on the regular (as you can see in the photo below). Quinn also recently adopted a sister for Sharknado, named Olivia Wilde. 


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