Possible New HGTV Show Based in Milwaukee!!

As you probably know, HGTV is one of the best channels on this planet (hence, why you clicked on this blog). It's basically the only reason why Shan goes to the gym because she doesn't have cable at her apartment. As much as we hate to say it, some of the shows are pretty much the same. I mean, they're all husband and wife duos renovating houses. NOW - there's a chance that we could have a group of friends. Which is cool and all, but the best part? The show would be BASED IN MILWAUKEE!

Jenni Radosevich seems to be heading up the group as the lead designer. She's also the face behind the blog, I Spy DIY. She's encouraging everyone in the area to watch the show's pilot on HGTV on April 2nd at 11AM, and create some buzz via social media. If people talk enough about it, My Flippin' Friends might be picked up for a full season! Check out the trailer: 



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