DANGEROUS 'Eraser Challenge' Is the New Thing Kids Are Doing.

There's a new online challenge happening, and parents will want to take note. It's called the 'eraser challenge' and involves kids rubbing a pencil eraser across their skin while having to say or do something, for example, saying the alphabet. 


A post on Facebook from a mother in North Carolina has gone viral; it features a photo of a burn on a child's arm. The antic may be nothing new, but due to it's spread on social media it's getting new attention and reaching a wider audience. But why would kids want to do this? Dr. Joelle Simpson, an emergency medicine and trauma physician at Children's National Health System says it's likely a combination of showing off and peer pressure. If you do notice a burn of this nature on your child's arm, Simpson advises washing it, applying antibiotic ointment like Neosporin, and following up with a doctor if it doesn't begin to heal in a few days. 



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