Trying To Get Over A Breakup, Cut Your Hair

The break-up hair cut has always been a thing and it's getting more and more popular, Hello Katy Perry!

When trying to get over a rough break-up they say there's no better way than to freshen up your color or just chop it all off! Here's why:

1. Plain and simple; It’s a visual marker of change. 

Think of shedding your hair like a caterpillar shedding it's cocoon to reveal a new more beautiful stronger thing! It’s a way to announce to the world – and yourself, whether you like it or not – that you are transitioning to a new chapter. New hair, new chapter, new energy, new you.

2. It’s a symbol of shedding the past. Quite literally. When you go into the hair salon for a dramatic cut, you are cutting off dead ends and extra weight. It can be therapeutic... think about every clump of hair hitting the floor as a part of the relationship you're shedding.

3. You may not want to admit it, but a new do makes you feel better, both inside and outside.  After getting dumped and believing no one is ever going to find you desirable, it’s can be very reassuring to feel smokin' hot on the outside.  When you feel good on the outside, it's easier to fell good on the inside.

4. The result is immediate. As opposed to other drastic changes like losing weight, moving into a new place and rebounding with a new guy, a haircut is straight to the point. And the BEST part about breakup haircuts? Your hair always grows back

Photo: Getty Images

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