ATTN iPhone Owners: Siri Could Get You Fined!

Any iPhone user can probably relate to the random "What's the I didn't understand" command from Siri the digital assistant.  Not some internet as pranksters have found another way to trick people to get their Siri into contacting emergency services. And it could cost you.

The prank claims that “something funny” will happen if you say “112” to your iPhone. North American users probably don’t know that 112 is the European equivalent to the 911 emergency number, and Siri will respond to the request by placing a call to 911!

For every time a call is placed and hangs up on 911, they have to call back.  Taking up time and resources to reach back to confirm there wasn't an emergency.  And if you're guilty of false calling too many times you could be fined.

Photo: Getty Images

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