Post-St. Patty's Hangover Cures

Sometimes that Irish Drinking will kick you in the rear, and you feel sluggish for the rest of the weekend. Thrillist came up with a list of the best hangover cures. Here were some of my favorites:

Rubbing a slice of lemon under your armpit (Never heard of this one before, and I'm assuming it's not very effective)

Pickle Juice (Even Dr. Oz is on this kick)
Advil (An obvious choice, I would believe)
Coca-Cola (I'd be drinking one of these regardless)
TONS of Water 
Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (I'd recommend this regardless if you're hungover or not)
Exercise (Because that's the FIRST thing you want to do after a long night of drinking)

Click here for the full list, and Tweet @FM1061 if we missed something major!

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