How TRhett Proved He's Country's New Superstar

Brad, Carrie, Keith and Eric.  When I day those names you know exactly who I'm talking about.  They've all solidified themselves as country superstars.  Slowly over the last 4 years Thomas Rhett has been doing exactly that... Solidifying himself as a country superstar.  

Even with the famous pedigree he has (dad is Rhett Akins) there are no guarantees in the music business. Proof being Lisa Marie Presley isn't a huge star just because she's Elvis' girl.  Thomas Rhett or as I call him TRhett has been writing and perfecting his craft.  Also helps he surrounded himself with some of the best people in the world and last night at our iHeartRadio Music Awards you witnessed TRhett become a star.

He performance was amazing as well, as he re-created his video for "Star of the Show" 

Let's not forget he IS the Country Artist of the Year... beating Carrie, Keith, Jason and Zac Brown Band.

From his first single in 2012

To now in 2017...

Proof.  TRhett IS Country's NEWEST Superstar!

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