Wine-Infused Coffee is a Real Thing

Apparently, there's such a thing as win-infused coffee. And we need it. ASAP. Winemaker, Molinari Private Reserve, and coffee roaster, Wild Card Roasters, are teaming up to make it a reality. 

According to

"The first thing you smell is the richness of the wine, then the taste of a blueberry note. Add a little milk, and you get a little more of the wine taste. Pull it in an espresso shot, and you still get that head of crème. Much like wine itself, the longer the coffee sits, the better the taste. Even when chilled overnight, you get a great taste."

Sounds like heaven.

It took them two years to get the flavor down. All I can tell you is that red wine has more antioxidants than white wine, so it will most likely taste better with coffee. Napa Valley is on the verge of something good. If you don't live on the west coast, don't worry. You can order it online (click here).

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