Friday Fishtales with Ridder...

This is an all-inclusive, fully guided trip. Meaning, you pay one price for everything. Lodging, Meals and of course the fishing guides that take you to the fish and guide you around the lake those guys up there are awesome and will have you on fish the entire time! The provide all the equipment, boats, tackle, bait, etc. Literally bring a toothbrush and catch fish. That’s the easiest way to explain how this trip is set up. 

And the food, it’s not garbage. They feed you well. Steaks, Ribs, of course everyday Walleye shore lunch (worth it for that alone!) 

The cabins are all modern with private baths, showers etc. And they have housekeeping every day that cleans them. There wifi and satellite TV in the main lodge; with is gorgeous! And the views… waking up to the sun coming up over the water right out your front window.

I’ve done similar trips away and after adding up hotels, guides, meals etc; It’s been well over $2300.  This trip is waaaaayyyy less!!!! Highly discounted around $1000 less!

That week is also the opening week in Canada so fishing is always excellent! The weather is pretty decent too (last year was upper 60’s low 70’s) and best of all no bugs yet! It’s seriously the most fun easy fishing trip. For a guy like me that usually chases his own fish, cooks meals; it’s great to just sit back a bit and let someone else do the work… while we hang out play cribbage or chat around the bonfire!

Call Gary from Ballards at 218-634-1996 and make sure to Ask for the "Ridder Price"... He'll hook you up!

Catch TROPHY walleye, MONSTER pike, FIGHTING bass, and the NOTORIOUS musky! 

Call now and reserve your space. We only have room for (18) people on this EXCLUSIVE CANADIAN FISHING ADVENTURE!

Everyone is welcome and included! Don't think this is an ordinary dirty guys fishing camp!  We've had Husbands and Wives, Parents and kids, Group of Girlfriends, and groups of buddies all join!  I'd love for you to have the opportunity this year to just show up; and CATCH fish! -Gary of BBI

Call Gary right now and tell him you want the "Ridder Price" > 218-634-1996

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