This is How We Know Thomas Rhett and Lauren Will Make Great Parents

News broke yesterday that Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are having a baby! Not only that, but they're adopting a child from Africa. Thomas had a huge year with his hit, "Die a Happy Man." Didn't think anything could top that. Well, here, it's only February 2017, and the Akins family is already off to a killer start for the year!

If there's any doubt what kind of parents Thomas and Laur will be, let us put your mind at ease...

They work well together. Even in the barn putting up decorations!

They have hearts of gold. Both of them are heavily involved in nonprofit organizations. Their selfless, generous, souls will treat their babies like royalty.

These two are so in love. You know that they'll pass that on to their kiddos. They are too much fun to watch!

Laur's great at those carnival games, so her babies will have plenty of toys to play with. And they'll have great hand-eye coordination.

Both Thomas and Laur are already great with kids. They visit Africa to spend time with orphans and have quickly become attached.

They love working out together. Not only will their kids be active, but it wouldn't surprise us if Thomas was "Coach of the Year" for some of their sports!

They already have two babies. And love them dearly.

For Thomas and Lauren, family time is important. Whether it's with friends or their ACTUAL families.

And, they're all-around cute. We just can't stop obsessing over them.

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