If You Get A Walmart Refund check, Don't Cash It!

If you get something that looks like a check from Walmart along with a letter from Walmart Global Shared Services Refund Team explaining that you were overcharged for Walmart or Sam’s Club services, such as the pharmacy or optical.  DON'T CASH THE CHECK!!!

The check looks official with a security pattern background and Walmart name (minus the yellow spark logo), but it’s not from any retailer.

This is just a new way scammers can get your bank account and routing numbers. With that information, they could make print their own checks and use your money. 

Also if you cash the check or withdraw funds from the deposit; it will bounce because the funds aren’t actually available, and you will be held responsible for the amount plus overdraft fees!

This something that's already been happening in the Green Bay area and may be headed here next.

If you already received a refund check and deposited it, contact your bank.

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