The New Bachelorette is an MU Law Grad. Here's What Else We Know...

SO excited to hear the Wisconsin ties continue with The Bachelor franchise! Rachel Lindsay is originally from Dallas, BUT - she's a 2011 graduate of Marquette University of Law School! Here's what we know about the new bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay...

Girl is RIPPED! She loves to work out.

Obviously loves her mom. And they're the cutest.

She's got the cutest dog in her life.

She comes back to Wisconsin to celebrate her friends!

She's got a little country flair to her. Well, I suppose she has to. She's from Texas.

She even knows where to go when she's out in Wisconsin!

She has the CUTEST nephew. #ProudAuntie

She can be creative and artsy. And she's pretty good at it, too!

She's a fan of football! And she can play the sport.

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