Bare Minimum You Need to Do to Make It Look Like You Tried on Valentine's Day

Here are the results from a survey by Groupon that figured out the bare minimum amount of effort you need to put in to make it look like you tried on Valentine's Day.

1.  If you're a man, spend $179 on gifts and dinner.  If you're a woman, spend $74.

2.  Write at least FOUR sentences in a card.

3.  Even if you're planning a night out, make sure to buy SOME gift, even a small one.  26% of women and 19% of men would be disappointed if they didn't get anything.

4.  And make sure to plan some activity, even if it's just dinner at home.  71% of people say it's more important that you planned something than what it is specifically. 



Souce: (Daily Mail)

Photo: Getty Images

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