Cheers to these 6 healthy reasons to drink more beer!

1. Beer increases bone density

Beer has an increased silicon content; especially dark beer and IPA’s with high hop content (hops contain silicon.) Silicon in studies has been found to increase bone density. So, beer can certainly help prevent osteoporosis.

2. Beer lowers the risk of heart attack

According to Harvard University, more than 100 studies have found an association between moderate beer consumption and reduced risk of heart attack by 25 to 40 percent.

3. Beer lowers your cholesterol level

Scientists have found that beer consumption contributes to increasing the proportion of healthy HDL cholesterol in the body. Two beers a day can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

4. Beer decreases your risk of getting diabetes

American researchers found that of those who drank 1-4 10 oz beers per day, the risk of getting type 2 diabetes was lower.

5. Beer can prevent kidney stones

A study found that the probability of getting kidney stones drops to up to 40 percent when you drink a bottle of beer a day.

6. Beer protects from dementia

I know, I know, it sounds strange at first: using alcohol to combat dementia! But xanthohumol can actually also help to prevent oxidative stress. This is one of the factors that promotes dementia in old age. Therefore, beer can actually keep the brain fit for its age.

Proof you can use science to prove any thought you have is true!

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