List of "Excuses" to Get Out of a Bad Date

We've all been there...trapped in the middle of an awkward, horrible date. You might even have some of this happen on Valentine's Day, who knows! But, our friends over at Elite Daily happened to create a list of "excuses" (moreso lies) to get out of a bad date. Not sure that most of these will work, but you can give it a shot! Any other ideas how to escape this situation?!?

"See" someone else you want to avoid at the bar.

Your roommate locked herself out of the apartment.

Food allergy.

Friend is in town calling you from outside your apartment.

You remembered you didn't lock your office...

Your kid needs you (surprise!)

Click here for the rest of the list!

Then, there was this woman who faked her own death to get out of a could always go with that...

Or you could tell the truth, there's that, too.

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