Olivia Munn has a Ring on THAT Finger, and Everyone's Freaking Out


Technically the season's over, correct. Aaron doesn't have obligations to the field at this point and time, correct. But, do you really think because Olivia was caught with a ring on her finger, that the two are engaged? Who knows? No one, for sure at least. Who cares? Quite a few people, apparently...

Olivia was spotted in Beverly Hills with a ring on her left hand. I'm sure she's the type of girl who does this just to mess with the paparazzi, right? RIGHT?! According to ET, Aaron and her were leaving a party with photographers spotted her with a ring. But, we still have no confirmation on if it actually means anything. 

But, we know Olivia's mom can't wait for the wedding if it's true! She told ET back in May that she has a big family, and everyone in it can't wait for the two to get hitched. Click here for that story.

At least we know the two of them make a cute couple....



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