All Of Carrie Underwood's Food and Fitness Secrets Revealed

If there is one person many women look to for "fitspiration," it's Carrie Underwood. I mean have you seen her sculpted arms? Perfectly tones legs!?!  But how!  Everyone wants to know HOW? recently sat down with Carrie to see how she fits everything into her days as a touring country superstar and how she fuels up to stay so freaking fit. 

So here it is: All her secrets.


7 a.m.: Carrie says if she's home she often sleeps in until baby Isaiah wakes up and then she'll make breakfast.

Carrie says breakfast is often some variation of fruit, oatmeal, Kashi cereal (sans milk?), or some tofu scramble.  Being vegan you would think is hard to eat or out on the road for Carrie but she says, "When I'm out, I don't go crazy about staying vegan — I wouldn't send a restaurant salad back if it came with something like feta cheese."

One tip Carrie gave is one I can vouch for; she records everything she eats into the MyFitnessPal app. 

I do the same thing and can tell you that it helps me to realize what I'm eating and how much.  I stuggle with over indulgence when it comes to beer and meats like sausage.  Makes you think when every small beef stick you eat is 100 calories!?!  

Carrie also says that she keeps a journal of all the exercises she does.

10 a.m.: She drops Isaiah off at his play group, to get him around other kids as much as possible. 

After that Carrie goes on with normal life shopping at the grocery store, running errands and then heads back home to workout in her home gym equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical, a cable machine, and free weights.  The key in the gym: working out for a solid hour.

1 p.m.: After her workout Carrie eats a sandwich.  Her fave is on Ezekiel bread with Tofurky, a fourth of an avocado, a handful of mixed greens or sprouts, and mustard.

3 p.m.: Carrie says her afternoons are spent just like anyone; doing laundry, washing dishes, and trying to clean the house because it's always getting destroyed by my toddler.  

6 p.m.: Carrie wraps up her day picking up her little man and returning home to cook for her and the Hubs (Mike).  Carrie says she's not a carb person but says if she does eat carb meals she eats whole wheat pasta or rice. (In my house we stick to brown rice or brown rice pasta.)

The key Carrie said about her eating in the article is that she keeps her intake of Protein, Fat and Carbs balanced.  Some food for thought? *pun not intended*

9 p.m.: Bedtime.  And if there's a late night craving Carrie says she'll have a square of dark chocolate (See she is human!) Other snacks she says are her cyptonite:  vegan So Delicious Ice Cream, or coconut milk ice cream. English muffins, or popcorn.

CLICK HERE to see the full article and get more of CARRIE'S FITNESS TIPS.   

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