One of Your Favorite Dramatic MTV Shows is Making a Comeback!

Remember "My Super Sweet Sixteen?" Yes. The drama-filled MTV show with a bunch of spoiled brats for kids getting ready to celebrate their 16th birthdays with lavish parties including performances from A-List celebs, rhinestone dresses and invitations that probably cost as much as my freshman year of college? 

Well, it's BACK! According to an email blast sent by the casting company (Doron Ofir), they're looking for new-to-be sixteen year-olds...and you can be as young as 13 to apply. You just have to make sure you're "the most popular, outrageous, glitzy, girl [or] boy."

"MTV cordially invites you to My Super extraordinary television event featuring the most important day of your life marked by the greatest of celebrations - Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Debutante Ball, Debut, or any other coming of age milestone event - if it's going to be lit, we want to know about it!

We want to showcase the most Instagram-enviable celebrations ever seen. Snap the sweetest and most memorable moments of your life that'll make all your Snapchat followers comment #goals when they see just how turnt your party gets!"

An interesting use of words from the casting company. I'm just excited to see what sort of celebrities are will show up!

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