Shirtless Dierks Bentley Plunges Into Ice Cold Lake

Dierks Bentley took his annual plunge in an ice cold lake to start off the New Year. The singer has done this every year for the past 15 years!

 “I’m a little a little late, I’m about 13 days late for it,” Dierks says in the video. “But I’m very superstitious, I can’t miss this we’ve done it every year for 15 years. I’m here by myself. To make up for the fact that I’m late I’m going to try and do one minute for every day I’m late. I’m going for 13 minutes, which is crazy, usually we do like 13 seconds. But I feel like I gotta make good on missing the lake jump. I just checked the temperature, it’s 36 degrees. It’s really cold. So, here it goes.” in a freezing lake.



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