On Thursday July 3rd, 2014 the Zac Brown Band Great American Road Trip tour made its way to Milwaukee for The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1 and let me tell you it was a night to remember!

When we arrived at Summerfest we meet alot of cool people and people we have seen before waiting for the Eat and Greet. We had a miss hap with our entry bands but luckily we met a guy who knew who I was looking for them and got me where I needed to be. We were escorted to where we do all the meet and greets but this time they had a full size semi set up as a kitchen with an awning on it and tables for us to sit. We were able to take pictures till the band came out but there was no photography after that. They came out along with Zac's chef, Chef Rusty who had prepared an awesome dish! It consisted of some kind of special roll,Pork loin in love juice, fried chicken smothered in creamed corn,mashed taters, teriyaki marinaded green beans, Zac's coleslaw, cabbage and mushrooms with bacon. And a blueberry/cherry crisp for desert that was Chef Rusty's first time making which was awesome! Oh Yes, all the Landshark you could drink! {Organic juice for the non drinkers} The band served us our food. Glad to say every band member including Daniel helped with my plate! This food was amazing! We got to mingle with the band and shake hands and what not which was way better than just a quick picture and a see ya later! John Hopkins sat down and grubbed with the other table that was still eating! Their right hand lady T-Bird was awesome! She was happy to see all the fans enjoying themselves.  She tried her best to help with my hat but had to be fair which was cool. I got some awesome spices and a cookbook for donating money to Zac's charity camp which I can't wait to try!

We then made our way out to the amphitheater to enjoy the performance. This place was PACKED! We ran into more awesome people out by our seats who in turn won tickets from FM106.1! The whole row N was FM106.1 WINNERS! The Zac Brown Band played all their great songs which everyone was singing along to.Some highlights I thought were their "Devil went Down to Georgia" they played at Summerfest was way faster than at Alpine last year. They played their normal Metallica song "Enter Sandman" which always cranks the crowd. Clay Cook lead 2 songs with one being the start of the best jam sessions ever to "Can't You See"! Everyone got their turn to tear it up! Zac was putting his passionate vocals into every song as always as did Clay when he had the reigns. They had their black light jam for "Day for the Dead". This show showcased their amazing abilities to play their instruments of choice alone and as a band. The visuals were cool and not over the top. They have topped my country correspondence series with this experience and I look forward to seeing who, if any, can top it! Thanks to the Zac Brown Band and FM106.1 for the awesome performance.