There were two great places to be on Saturday July 19, in Wisconsin. Port Fish Days for Josh Thompson or at the Riverside for The Voice Tour. Since I had made the date with my daughter to take her to her first concert The Voice before I got the pins for Josh Thompson, I gave the pins away to some people who could use them at the Waukesha County Fair. I had heard of the show The Voice but work to much to watch T.V. so I didn't know what to expect.

There was a great crowd of people who were there to see there favorite contestants. Season 6 winner Josh Kaufman seemed to be the favorite. Along with Josh, Kristen Merlin[S6], Christina Grimmie[S6], Jacquie Lee[S5], Dia Frampton[S1], Jake Worthington[S6], Jake Barker[S6], Will Champlin[S5] along with special guest Pip[S3] were all part of the Voice Tour 2014. This was interesting to me because it was not just a country concert it was a little bit of everything though they did play "Two Black Cadillacs", "Done" "Don't Close Your Eyes" and "We are Never Getting Back Together" from the country music genre. They played all different songs and collaborations with each other and some as groups.

They played songs such as "When I was your Man", "Sweet Home Alabama","Wrecking Ball", "Stay", and "Don't Stop Believing" along with a couple more I was unfamiliar with. Each person had their fair share of time to showcase their talents. Josh Kaufman performed "Every Breath You Take" with a recording of Usher on the big screen, Jake Worthington did a great job performing "Don't Close Your Eye's". Special guest Pip did exceptionally well performing "House of the Rising Sun". They picked 3 people to sing some a capella for some blind auditions and then they got to stay up on stage for "Forget You" by Cee Lo.

I would have to say that Kristen Merlin had the most energy and really kept Milwaukee jamming and on their toes. Not to mention her phenomenal voice. She really hit all the songs she performed to a T! It was a great night for the performers. We wish them the best of luck on their careers.  On the way out we saw Pip and my daughter wanted a picture with him but my cameras were dead so he ended up giving her his wristband which made her day! {And mine too seeing that smile on her face!} I know this is a memory we will both share forever!