On June 26, 2014 Summerfest was pleased to have Scotty McCreery perform on the Harley Davidson stage. The surrounding area of the stage was packed with people. The fans were all eager for him to take the stage hooting and hollering. Some people were getting rowdy and a few people even got ejected for poor behavior but for the most part everyone showed everyone respect for their space. Met some great fans of Scotty's tonight. Olivia and Brandon were awesome and were grateful to be there to see Scotty. Also another lady Becky who was there with her mother as they both followed Scotty on his American Idol journey and were the biggest fans. She was speechless when my buddy gave her his meet and greet pass. I know she enjoyed it! Scotty put on a great performance which lasted around an hour and a half. He played a lot of songs and gave us a little more insight as to the deeper meaning of some of them. He put off some great energy as he  played such songs as "Water Tower Town", "I Love You This Big", "See You Tonight", and of course his new one "Feeling It." His voice was nailing every song as always with his deep baritone vocals. The crowd was jamming and singing right along with every song. Due to the crowds reaction  I would say Scotty has a great fan base here in Milwaukee and we will surely see him back again!

Brian Nelson