On July 31, 2014 the Wisconsin State fair was proud to have Phil Vassar headline the main stage for an awesome performance! Maggie Rose opened up for Phil and let me tell you she got the crowd going! With her songs like "Girl in your Truck" and "I ain't your Mama" she really did an excellent job showcasing her vocal abilities. The crowd couldn't get enough of her.

Meeting Phil was a great experience! He was laid back and was excited to be back in Milwaukee! Phil had an amazing performance. I didn't think it was possible but the energy level jumped up 110% when he came on. He was jumping all around and up on his piano dancing, getting the party started. With all of his hit songs we knew there was no way he could play them all so it was a wait and see what’s next kind of night. {unless you saw the playlist}  In all the concerts I have saw it was nice to watch him play the piano throughout his performance instead of the usual guitars. He did a phenomenal job playing it too!  He wowed the crowd with such songs as "That's Why I Love You", "Six Pack Summer", "Just Another Day in Paradise", "My Next 30 Years", "In a Real Love" and " Carlene" along with many more! The crowd was singing along and everyone was dancing together just having a good old time.

At the end Phil did a great encore by playing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" on not only his piano but with his harmonica too! Half way through it he had all the people watching from side stage come out on stage with him to sing along. Thanks to FM106.1 and Phil Vassar for this awesome experience!