I was so excited for my first Country Correspondent concert for 2014. I got to bring my gorgeous wife Katie with me to see Kip Moore at the Rave in Milwaukee. What a great show!

When we got to the Rave we met some of the staff from FM 106.1 and they were awesome! They gave us our meet & greet passes right away and showed us where to line up to meet him. While waiting in line, there were some girls in front of us that I thought were going to have a heart attack. When Kip Moore came out they were screaming so loud for him. We only had a few minutes to take pictures and get autographs. He signed some chick’s boot and all of our passes. He seemed like a real cool laid back kind of guy. He told me to grab a beer and enjoy the show. So that I did!

We went and grabbed a few from the bar and watched Chris Cavanaugh. He started out getting the crowd going  with his crowd participation jams and a song from Garth Brooks which made my wife and the crowd very happy! This Missouri guy was a great start!

When Kip Moore came out everyone was ecstatic, by then the place was packed with Kip Moore fans. It was a great crowd. He was jamming out to "Up All Night" and "Beer Money" along with many other great songs. Including a song that has not yet been released, he told everyone to put their phones down and listen to his new song that he had not yet played for anyone yet!

Had a great night thanks to FM 106.1, what a great start to what will be a year to remember!