Summerfest was the hotspot on Tuesday 7/1/14, especially in and around the BMO Harris Pavilion for the Kip Moore performance. It was packed for a party. The crowd was full of all kinds of interesting people from all walks of life. I met some true Kip fanatics that where just crazy about him and his music. During our meet and greet this lady Elizabeth in front of us was nearly hyperventilating. She was obsessed with him. And LuLu was the life of the party. When Kip came out you knew he was ready for a great night in Milwaukee as he stumbled a little during the meet and greet nearly falling over. Couldn't have been more lit than I was though!

The opening band was pretty good. They really had the crowd going. They played many songs including covers of "Sweet Emotions" and Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Give it Away" Their energy was nothing of Kip's but they are on their way!

When the fireworks concluded Kip Moore took the stage for a high energy show. He was all over the stage jamming on his guitar and getting into his vocals. He clearly is loving his job! He had way more energy now than when he was here back in February.{may be the weather} He veered off of the playlist to give the fans the songs they wanted when they wanted them. He said it was our night so he did it for us. He played all his recent songs. He told some stories of situations that were interesting. He went out into the crowd which he realized was a bad idea with all the crazies for him but it worked out. He was glad to be in Milwaukee in front of his biggest crowd yet. When the show ended he came out for an encore of some Tom Petty that made the people who stayed go crazy. Then even though he usually doesn't speak after the last song he made the exception to thank us and he wanted everyone to know how much he appreciated his fans! Great night for a great show by a great guy!  I know Milwaukee sure enjoyed it! Thanks Kip for the great performance!