Kenny Chesney

What an experience this concert was.  I do admit; every concert so far this year has been different and unique.  Saturday’s concert was no different. 

Thanks to Mike and Ashley for inviting us to take the bus with their group to Miller Park.  Looking back, I would not have done it any other way.   The parking lots were crammed!  The bus pulled up and we were amazed by the amount of people that were there.  The atmosphere was such a party in itself.  The music, the food, the decorations flying…I never thought Miller Park could get transformed to a tropical location.  We even had the coolest Tiki Bar set up right in front of us!

For this concert, my co-worker/friend, Julie, came along.  We were so excited that we got to meet Kenny.  I just couldn’t believe we were hours away from this dream.  We met Kasey Musgraves who was so pretty and relaxed.  Then we headed back to the bus for some tailgating while we waited to meet Eli Young Band.  The weather was so perfect….everyone was thanking the Country God for great weather, great friends, and a great time.

Off to meet the rest of the concert performers:  Eli Young Band was so welcoming,  Eric Church was a big teddy bear that you just melted in his arms, and Kenny…well, Kenny was just as gorgeous in person!  I couldn’t have been a happier gal at that moment.

The concert itself was a blast.  Kenny was so energetic on stage.  I have never seen Kenny in person, so I could only relate to his music videos.  His performance was just what you saw in the videos.  He was running around stage, engaging the fans, and really enjoying himself.     One of my favorite moments was when all the fans were able to sing Happy Birthday to George Strait and Kenny stated he was going to send it to him.  I know Milwaukee must be special to him because he said “THANK YOU MILWAUKEE” numerous times.  I really hope that this wonderful city is on his favorite list…because he is on my favorite list for best concert!  Kenny Chesney is not only a great singer, he is a wonderful performer that keeps his fans on their feet all night long.

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I invite you to take a look at FM106.1’s pictures from the show - click here for the pictures.  I still have “Pirate flag and an island girl” going over and over in my head. 

Love ya Kenny!