On Thursday July 17, 2014 the Waukesha County Fair was a great place for country music lovers to socialize and hear some great music! The main stage and surrounding area had people everywhere for Love and Theft and Jerrod Niemann overflowing into a beer tent where Saving Savannah was playing.
Ran into a lot of people from previous shows like our friends Curt and Melissa who just won tickets to Country Thunder who we will be grabbing some drinks with! And a crazy lady named Jessie who was dancing her boots off! Everyone was there to party. Saving Savannah did a great job covering all the songs they did warming everyone up. They did a lot of great country ballads along with a Pitbull song "Timber". Got to meet the guys from Love and Theft for a photo and autograph. It was cool to have met them.They jammed a great set for the crowd. They played a lot of great songs including "Angel Eyes", "If You Ever Get Lonely" and "Running Out Of Air. They had some great energy!

Jerrod was a great guy. We found out earlier that day that the guys went out in Pewaukee, bar hoping on the lake where they were trying to hit every bar and made a stop at  Kim's Lakeside which is a friend of mine's daughter's tavern. Everyone wanted to talk about this and that but all Jerrod wanted to talk about was FISHING! They enjoyed themselves though. Kerry from FM106.1 gave me and my friend Darren a special introduction to Jerrod which was cool. Got to extend the invite to fish if available since my friend is up there in the fishing world. Great guy living the dream. He also put on a great performance. Played his hits such as "Drink to that all Night", Lover, Lover", "One More Drinking Song", "Shine On Me" and "The bucking song" along with other hits he jammed for the crowd. They had on a Donkey mask and what looked like a badger mask on during their song "Donkey". Not only did Jerrod sing some Johnny Cash,but he also drank beer out of a black solo cup in memory of Cash.He covered songs too like "Santeria" from Sublime, some Stevie ray Vaughn, some Alabama and plenty more.The encore was the best part for me as I am a huge Bob Marley fan and he ended up playing some "3 Little Birds" Great touch as everyone practically sang it for him. Great energy and vocals made for a great performance! Milwaukee hopes to see Jerrod back soon after that awesome performance!